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John Machin

Mr Machin has a Masters qualification in Engineering Science graduate and has practised for over 30 years in marine engineering as a geotechnical and robotics specialist. He has worked for Fugro, Technip, Schlumberger and Acteon and has a number of “firsts” to his name in the technology domain. Mr Machin was a joint inventor of a deep water drilled anchor pile system for renewable energy applications while consulting for in the United States. In recent years Mr Machin has become one of the founding partners of Subsea Micropiles Ltd which is based in Dublin and is quickly advancing to commercialise this new technology.

New Subsea MicroPile Anchor Technology Under Development

The adaptation of terrestrial micropile technology for offshore anchor and foundations offers a “game-changing” approach to a broad range of seabed interventions that include providing anchors for floating structures as well as other applications that require fixing objects to the seafloor. When compared to existing techniques, the micropile anchor technology solution offers the potential for the use of small vessels and significantly lower costs. The description of a new system currently under development and sea-trials is covered.
Subsea micropiles are shown to be appropriate for anchors, foundations and other applications for floating structures used the marine energy systems of all kinds. A micropile is a small diameter (<300mm) friction pile that is bored or drilled in a wide range of seabed conditions and can be installed vertically or at an angle in order to accommodate significant axial and lateral loads. The micropiles are connected via couplings to achieve the desired pile length, which can vary from 6 to 18m depending on soil/rock type and strength. Once installed, central steel reinforcement and cementitious grout allow for load transfer into the bearing soil or rock.

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