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Karl Daly

Vice President - Offshore Wind

Karl joined DOF Subsea in May 2020 and has extensive marine services experience and a long track record of working in the energy industry. He is familiar with the offshore renewables market and working on energy transition diversification. He is a qualified surveyor with a BA in Business Management from Robert Gordon University, Scotland.

Innovative mooring systems for floating wind turbines and our lessons learned from the Hywind Tampen installation

In 2022, DOF together with Aker Solution (AKSO) will install the 88-MW floating wind park Hywind Tampen to electrify oil platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf. AKSO has the EPCI for the substructure and mooring system, and DOF is the Marine Installation Manager. The 11 wind turbines are assembled inshore, towed out to the site by DOF vessels, and anchored to the seabed. The deep fjord surrounding Vestland base allows the turbines to be assembled with a ring-crane standing up into a quay and towed approximately 140 km by the anchor handling vessel Skandi Iceman. More information about the Hywind project: . The installation will start 1st May so we can share experience and pictures at the event.

Although sharing anchors, the Hywind Tampen floaters are essentially moored with traditional mooring systems inspired by the oil and gas industry. To further improve cost efficiency of floating wind parks, DOF’s partner and daughter company SEMAR has proposed an innovative mooring solution called HoneymooringTM. This solution allows for cost savings through optimized mooring layout and material selection, and contributes to reduced CO2 emissions, seabed damage and mooring-line loads compared to traditional chain systems. Through thorough cost calculations, the patent-pending technology has been estimated to reduce the mooring hardware cost with approximately 50% compared to traditional mooring solutions, which amounts to approximately 10% of the total development cost. A large R&D project with a total budget of 18.750 NOK millions is currently performed together with partners SINTEF Ocean AS and Norcable AS, and with financial support from the Research Council of Norway, TotalEnergies EP Norge AS and Equinor Energy AS, to develop analysis methodology and to optimize the system design. More details of the technology will be shared during the conference presentation.

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