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Luigi Napolitano

Enterprise and Innovation Manager

Luigi is part of the Integrated Port Management Team at Aberdeen Harbour Board as is employed as Enterprise and Innovation Manager, also responsible for developing a responsive and progressing customer offering, with a strong focus on decarbonisation and enabling the energy transition.

In his career as a marine professional and chartered engineer, Luigi has directly delivered and overseen projects and contracts in the UK and overseas, both from a technical and commercial standpoint. vast majority of the work he has undertaken has been linked to floating assets and associated operations.
Some of the work entailed rig move operations, mooring projects, emergency response, shoreside base operations, marine consultancy and offshore construction.

Ports: Anchoring and Enabling Floating Energy

The recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and a global drive towards energy transition have produced structural changes and a renewed momentum in the floating energy markets.
To most people, floating energy is a synonym for large and often complex structures moored far offshore to harness the power of wind or produce hydrocarbons. Whilst floating wind turbines, FPSOs or wave energy converters spend most of their operational life far from our shores, quayside and landside infrastructure play a significant role in enabling these projects and are a catalyst for the wider supply chain.

Whether it is a topsides refit for an FPSO or assembly of a floating wind turbine, suitable port facilities and access to a competent supply chain to support assets throughout their lifecycle will enable entire regions to benefit from floating energy projects. ScotWind and the wider energy integration and transition process taking place in the North Sea are a prime example and a unique opportunity for Aberdeen and the Northeast.

The £350m Aberdeen South development, combined with several ongoing projects to enable the decarbonisation of the marine and energy sectors, is set to strengthen the region’s position as in integrated energy cluster and foster supply chain collaboration to deliver the floating energy projects of the future.

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