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Manuel Zehr

Marine Energy Entrepreneur

Manuel Zehr was born in 1980 in Bremen, Germany. During an internship at the University of Applied Science Bremen majoring in Japanese management, he got first time from Japan into the local Taiwanese OEM/ODM market.
To get his degree recognised by Taiwanese authorities he restudied at Soochow University in Taipei, Taiwan Bachelor of Business Administration in Mandarin Chinese. After graduation he founded his first firm “Taiwan Ship Inspection Co.Ltd.” with his business partner (an official inspector by the CDI=Chemical Distribution Institute ). There he learned his first-time experiences in dealing with international maritime law with a non-UN member Taiwan.
In 2015, he founded his latest firm Formosan Business Support (FBS), which is solely focused to develop the capabilities to succeed with the energy transition in Taiwan from fossil and nuclear to renewable energy.
FBS does this by 100% localising international firms into the Taiwanese market, mainly in offshore wind.

Techbyte: How to succeed in Taiwan’s offshore renewable market?

Formosan Business Support Co.Ltd. was founded in 2015 for the sole purpose of aiding developing the local Taiwanese offshore wind industry.

Different to the U.K. and Europe Taiwan does not have an oil and gas industry to build on and has neither any worthwhile mentionable maritime industry leaving with the almost impossible task to solve it.
Since Taiwan has a highly industrial island with 70% mountainous area, leaving only less than 28% (2% lakes) for its 23.5 million inhabitants and the world’s largest semiconductor and high-tech industry.
225 MW capacity are already installed and 15 GW in the pipeline until 2035. Floating Energy already signed an MOU with Taiwan’s local CSBC to develop floating wind.
I see great potential for wave and tidal power in Taiwan, too. Particular since the local maritime industry realistically could support it.


1. A brief overview
2. Introduction of the energy market
3. Potential and future time lines

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