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Thibaut Cheret

Emissions Improvement Manager

Thibaut Chéret is Emissions Improvement Manager at Offshore Energies UK. Thibaut has extensive industry experience starting from software development to holding leadership roles in Exploration and Production across Europe and Africa in Schlumberger, BG Group and CNOOC International.
Thibaut hold a MSc in Geoscience from Strasbourg university and a MSc in Finance from London university. Through his MSc thesis, he has developed a keen interest in making the energy transition a reality.

Offshore Platform Electrification

As part of the North Sea Transition Deal agreed with the government in 2021, the UK oil and gas industry made a commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in 2030. Thibaut Cheret, OEUK’s emissions improvement manager will look at what’s being done to help achieve this target. Offshore oil and gas production platforms must change their power source from gas or diesel to a decarbonised source of energy and this power could come from floating wind farms installed in the vicinity of the platforms. Making this change has two advantages: it can help decarbonise oil and gas production at scale plus, by adding wind farm capacity the UK could further decarbonise its electricity supply. In 2022, the Crown Estate via an initiative known as the Innovative and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG), is launching a dedicated wind acreage leasing round with a potential 5.7 GW capacity. Thibaut will also explore how greater integration between different energy sectors and streamlining regulations could accelerate the delivery of offshore electrification.

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